Our 600-Style A3D Jacket is 30" in length and made from A3D, 14 oz. aluminized Z-Flex with Microperforation®. It features a stand-up collar and snap closure with leather pull-tabs.

A3D is was developed with the intent of providing a breathable proximity shell. Surface micro-perforations allow for the escape of body heat and moisture. A3D is a lighter, breathable fabric made to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable without sacrificing the protection of traditional aluminized fabrics. Additionally, the OPAN / para-aramid blend base fabric is a mock knit weave with more than two times the tensile and tear strength of knits, yet maintains the comfort and flexibility of traditional knit fabrics.

Applications: foundry settings, molten iron splash, radiant heat protection

Part #: 600-A3D