Hot Not Sleeve

Hot Not sleeves are made with Dupont's Nomex® IIIA. They cool down almost instantly after removal from heat source.
Mechanics, industrial and factory workers, dry cleaners and other workers exposed to heat hazards can safely and comfortably work around and even handle extremely hot objects without fear of burning their arms.


  • Protects against accidental contact up to 1300 degrees F
  • One size fits all stretch knit retains shape and heat resistance after repeated washings
  • Coverage from hand to bicep with out layer of Dupont Nomex IIIA for heat resistance
  • Breathable cotton / nylon lining for comfort
  • Fits left or right arm
  • Hot Not gloves are also available for arm protection
  • Part #HNS

For more information, please visit:

Hot Not Glove Website
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