Hot Not Glove CK

With its Carbon / Kevlar blend outer shell and Cotton / Wool inner shell, this glove is a great option when needing both heat or flame resistance and abrasion or cut resistance.


  • Outer Shell: 55% Carbon / 45% Kevlar
  • Inner Shell: Cotton / Wool
  • Work around and handle hot engines, hot machinery, hot ovens, most any hot industrial process without burning your fingers and hands
  • Constantly handle many materials 450°F or less and intermittently handle materials up to 700° F
  • Withstand accidental contact with flame or solid hot objects up to 2000°F
  • Machine washable and dryable, one size fits all seamless stretch knit
  • Not for use with cutting torch, heavy welding, or molten materials
  • Part #HNG-CK

For more information, please visit:

Hot Not Glove Website
Hot Not Glove CK Brochure