Navy Vinex Coverall

  • Made with 8.5 oz. navy Vinex®
  • Part# 605-FR9B

Vinex®, a blend of 85% vinyl and 15% polynosic rayon, was introduced by Westex as a response to the need for a lightweight fabric resistant to molten aluminum splash. It has been extensively tested at the BTTG Laboratories in the United Kingdom, and certified to EN ISO 11612 standards. Both the 8.5 oz. and 11.5 oz. weights of Vinex® have been classified as C1 for radiant heat, and D1 and D2 for molten aluminum splash, respectively. Vinex® is inherently flame resistant and will retain its FR properties throughout the service life of the garment. Heavier styles of Vinex® will offer greater protection from second-degree burns than lighter styles, since insulation from thermal heat sources is directly related to fabric weight. Vinex® is very lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and works well for garments worn close to the skin underneath primary protective garments.

  • Specially designed to shed aluminum
  • Retains flame resistant properties throughout the service life of the garment
  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable
  • Launders easily with conventional industrial laundry equipment and processes